Nachosaurus Chip & Dip Dish Set

Posted: July 17, 2018
Nachosaurus Chip & Dip Dish Set
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My apologies. I missed the Nachosaurus chip & dip dish set when I was compiling my list of the best accompaniments to a night of Netflix & chill. So if you attempted to put together a night of Netflix & chill based on my recommendations, and it failed, I'm pretty sure not having a Nachosaurus chip & dip dish set in your layout is why.

Stegosaurus, who also made an appearance in this hand forged steel viking axe I recently found, is really making the rounds this year, perhaps challenging T-Rex's reign as the most popular dinosaur to be incorporated into clothing, gear, and tchotchke crap you can buy on the internet. Of course, the Nachosaurus chip & dip dish set from Barbuzzo isn't a stegosaurus empty. It is up to you to transform the nondescript dino into a spiky stego with the addition of triangular corn chips, and then a true queso-scarfing Nachosaurus when you add hot cheese, salsa, and guac to his accompanying food bowl.

If chips and dip aren't your thing, you can also make the Nachosaurus your Popcornasaurus, Fryasaurus, Nutasaurus, or Gummiasaurus.

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