Hand Forged Steel Viking Axe

Posted: July 16, 2018
Hand Forged Steel Viking Axe

Viking axe? This hand forged steel beaut from Premium Handmade in the Ukraine looks more like an axe cast from the skeleton of a stegosaurus who used to be in an 80s death metal band. Yep, that's right. It should be called Hand Forged Steel Stego Death Metal Axe.

Premium Handmade promises a couple of things about this standout tool.

  1. You can definitely use it as a tool, or in battle. The hatchet head has a forged cutting edge and is made from U7 steel, ready for use as a battle axe, wood cutting axe, or wildlife tool.
  2. All elements of the axe, from ribcage to jagged head teeth, were made by hand, without assistance from CNC machines, waterjets, or pre-cut blanks.

The Viking axe head weighs about 6 pounds, and total length is 19.7". It comes is a leather case, ready to be presented as a gift for a man who never knew he always wanted an axe to match his Slayer playlist.

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