Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

Posted: March 14, 2013
Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

A few months ago I would have been all over the Muzzleshot, a tactical shot glass crafted in the likeness of M16A2 weapons' flash hider. But after a recent, constitution-crushing experience with Fireball in DC, I'm sticking with the Tactical Beer Mug and alcoholic beverage pursuits that don't culminate in passing out supine across 3 bar stools under the guise of pretending I'm a mummy, and then waking up 4 hours later in a gas station parking lot with a string of exploding firecrackers tied to my leg*. However, those who apply a bit more common sense to their drinking practices should find the Muzzleshot a pretty nifty addition to caches of bar weapons or alcohol-based shootouts. Heh heh. As it were.

Muzzleshot glasses are machined from billet heat treated T6 6061 aluminum hard coat anodized in a dark grey finish to MIL-A-8625 Type II. They hold 1-1/2 ounces of liquor, and are sold by the solo ($34.95), pair in a Pelican case ($119.95), or quad in a larger case ($199.95).

*And no, I still don't think I'm being a pansy boy in believing your little stunt could have caught me on fire, Mom.

2016 Update: Muzzleshot has expanded and rebranded since my original 2013 post, and are now called Caliber Ballistic Barware. You can grab the 5.56 Shot Glass, along with ballistic rocks and pint glasses, from the company's new website--follow the link above.

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