Monti Puffy Cooler

Posted: July 05, 2023
Monti Puffy Cooler
$119 - $144
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Puffy coats and mummy bags, they're not just for...individual drink cans and bottles anymore. The Monti Puffy Cooler is like a Puffin Koozie, but for your entire case or 12-pack of beer. The chill sacks are ultra-portable - they weigh just 11 ounces, and pack away into an integrated stuff sack - and easy to sling over your back, hang from a hook or branch, or tether to your boat or SUP. Their lack of structure also allows them to mold to the shape of the size and number of beer cans / wine bottles inside.

And their design, according to Monti, will keep those cans and bottles cold for up to 30 hours.

Monti Puffy Coolers are leakproof through their puffy bodies and zippered tops. They come in 23L and 14L sizes, the former able to hold up to 24 cans or 5 bottles of wine, and the latter up to 15 cans or 3 bottles of wine. Available colors are Black, Coral, and Sky Blue.

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