Puffin Drink Wear Koozies

Posted: September 23, 2021
Puffin Drink Wear Koozies
$12.95 - $21.95
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Puffin Drink Wear Koozies make your cans and bottles feel extra cozy in their cozys with a double insulated construction, and miniature outerwear and sleeping bag designs. The latter also put the koozies squarely into the category of things that make you go Awww.

Puffin Drink Wear Koozies outfit your wine, beer, and sodie for all four seasons in beverage jackets, flannels, parkas, vests, life vests, and, my personal favorite, the mummy bag. My wife likes that one too, because it comes in a Wine Bag version, a Puffin Drink Wear Koozie sized to cradle a whole bottle of red or white. Or orange, if you're into that skin-contact thing that's so oeno-trendy these days.

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