Hungry Fan 3-in-1 Tailgating Thermal Bag

Posted: September 25, 2021
Hungry Fan 3-in-1 Tailgating Thermal Bag
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I don't know about the "fan" part, but "hungry" is a top word I'd use to describe myself, and as a hungry dude, if not a hungry fan, I do like the idea of eating delicious food that will make me slightly less hungry at the precise temperature at which it was meant to be served. The Hungry Fan is a 3-in-1 tailgating - or as they say, "fangating" - thermal bag you can use to transport chili, brisket, mac & cheese, whatever stew-pot or Dutch-oven-lovin' recipe you cook up that needs to stay warm for the hours between its completion and its devouring.

The Hungry Fan requires no electricity or batteries, just the extra thick insulation between its gathered layers of fabric. The thermal bag is large enough to hold an 8-quart pot, and can keep its contents at a still-cookin' 140 degrees F for 2+ hours, or just warm enough to remain at its peak toothsomeness for 6+ hours.

Hungry Fan was designed specifically as essential tailgating gear, but also comes in handy when you need to take something to a potluck, or are hosting a dinner party and need to free up oven / stovetop space.

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