HotLogic Lunchbox Oven

Posted: February 25, 2014
HotLogic Lunchbox Oven
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Previously we saw the Papilla, a USB-heated lunchbox for leftover and homemade dish reheating computer-side. It's pretty cool, but still lives only in concept so you can't buy one. However, if you're willing to swap USB connectivity for a plain old wall outlet a HotLogic Mini lunchbox can accomplish essentially the same thing as a Papilla, plus show off some skills of its own.

The HotLogic Mini is essentially a personal portable oven. That means it won't just reheat meals (though it can do that too), but actually cook them from scratch from within its insulated, lap-sized tote. It's like a lunchbox crockpot for the office, a job site, the school library, or anywhere an outlet is available. HotLogic also says its cooking process is safe and effective for a wide range of foods, fresh or frozen, cooked or uncooked, and housed in plastic, metal, glass, aluminum foil, or cardboard containers.

To fire up lunch place a food container in the HotLogic box, zip it shut, plug it in, and go do some stuff. Work or, more realistically, Web surfing. Depending on what you're heating/cooking--leftover mac 'n' cheese vs. a frozen chicken breast--come back an hour or 4 hours later. Relish the envy of your co-workers as you dig in to something healthy, cheap, and tasty while they mow on $15 chicken wraps and expired egg salad sandwiches from the gas station.

HotLogic claims its lunch sack oven will never overcook, unevenly cook, or mushify your food. Even if you leave it inside long after it's ready to consume. Despite having no programs and no buttons to push, the oven is like some sort of crockpot clairvoyant that just "knows" when the meal it contains is done. Its heating element responds by reducing internal temperatures to a warming mode until you're ready to eat.

HotLogic Minis can accommodate food containers up to 8-3/4" wide x 6-3/4" long x 2-1/2" high. Lunchbox outer totes come in 4 colors.

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