Chef'n Tabletop S'mores Maker

Posted: November 15, 2021
Chef'n Tabletop S'mores Maker
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At first I thought Chef'n's Tabletop S'mores Maker was a marshmallow that had already been roasted, a square of chocolate that had been melted before. I myself have written about at least 2 indoor-safe, tabletop s'mores roasters (here and here) and I don't even really like s'mores. But Chef'n believes their version, suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, is worthy of a spot on the s'mores tabletop because it uses a live flame, and is able to roast your marshmallows and melt your chocolate simultaneously. Kind of like raclette, but with a mini campfire rather than a grill plated up top.

The Chef'n Tabletop S'mores Maker fires up with a 2-1/2-ounce can of chafing fuel, which sits under its white ceramic dome to keep the flames concentrated and a bit more contained. The set includes stainless steel roasting sticks to hold your marshmallows at a safe distance while cooking. The metal melting tray also doubles as a graham cracker warmer, and sits atop a wooded campfire base. The Tabletop S'mores Maker is part of Chef'n's Sweet Spot line, which also includes the popular Instant Ice Cream Maker. Methinks both would make well-received gifts for kids this holiday season.

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