Raclette Interactive Party Grill

Posted: July 25, 2017
Raclette Interactive Party Grill
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Raclette grills epitomize the best way to host a dinner party: make all the guests cook their food themselves. Named for a Swiss cheese that melts well, raclette has evolved to include a Swiss style of interactive dining, and the centerpiece of the meal itself: a two-tier electric tabletop grill. On top of the grill diners can cook meat and veg to their liking, and then transfer them to one of the small individual pans. Once covered with cheese (i.e., raclette), the pans slide into the grill's second tier for melting. Once it all becomes a steaming, gooey mess, it's time to eat.

And then head back to the grill for Round 2.

This Raclette Party Grill from NutriChef is kinda cool because it has both ribbed metal and smooth stone top plates. The metal side works great for hearty meats and vegetables, while the stone can better handle delicate seafoods and thinner cuts of meat. The grill has a 1200W heating element and adjustable rotary temperature control. It comes with 8 trays for up to 8 guests ready to get grilling, melting, and mowing down on some raclette.

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