AstroReality Augmented Reality NASA Space Mug

Posted: October 11, 2020
AstroReality Augmented Reality NASA Space Mug
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Ergonomic, aircraft-inspired, and AR ready to launch! The NASA Space Mug from AstroReality looks kind of like the arm of an astronaut's spacesuit after someone's grabbed it really hard begging them not to go on the mission to Mars. Merging the brand's passion for space exploration and augmented reality - and probably coffee - the mug serves as a vessel both for sipping your favorite brew, and for traveling to the International Space Station. Gaze into the NASA Space Mug through the AstroReality Explorer App, and you'll enjoy a simulated spaceship experience, taking in stunning views of Earth, as well as zooming in to journey across it, via AstroReality's built-up world of data and HD satellite photos from NASA.

The AR app covers 200 countries and regions, and 10,000+ cities, accessible by scanning the bottom of the mug to enter the International Space Station, and begin zooming in from your position 500 million square kilometers from Earth.

The Space Mug itself is made of ceramic and features an embossed NASA "worm" insignia on its packaging to commemorate the space agency's 60th anniversary, and make the NASA Space Mug a great gift idea for space, STEM, science, and mug fans.

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