Podo Stick & Shoot Camera

Posted: August 09, 2017
Podo Stick & Shoot Camera
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Folders, multi-tools, and titanium toothpicks as EDC? Nah, the Podo Stick & Shoot Camera will get more daily use than all of those combined. Taking selfies, filming cat videos, and recording the shenanigans of airline passengers and flight crews with a palm-sized device you can stick to any solid surface is way more crucial to urban survival than a carbon fiber credit card with a bottle opener, pry bar, and 14 wrenches.

When Podo says, "Take your camera and stick it," they mean to the wall. Or the ceiling. A piece of furniture. A tree in the park. the Podo's micro-adhesive sticky pad latches on to just about anything. And they say you'll never need to replace it, just clean it off with water when it gets gunky.

You'll be able to see your Podo view live (and wirelessly) on your smartphone, and then either set a countdown to tap to click the shutter. The photos also transfer wirelessly and right as you capture them.

Podo can snap photos, record video, and take in time lapse (set the time interval, from 5 seconds to 1+ hour, and hit start). It also has a Multi Mode wherein you can connect up to 6 Podos and buckle up for some crazy angles, taking shots simultaneously with a single phone.

A way more exciting back to school gift for the teens than gym shorts and locker organizers, the Podo Stick & Shoot camera connects to any kid carrying an iPhone 5 and up, or Android 4.4+.

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