Titanium Toothpick

Posted: September 15, 2016
Titanium Toothpick
$15.90 - $17.95
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What can you do with a titanium toothpick? Why, dig out that bit of popcorn embedded in your molar as you leave a midnight showing of The Shining, and then...stab the eyes out! of the mugger who waits for dazed victims in the alley next to the theater.

The Titaner Titanium Toothpick is made of, yes, 100% titanium. It weighs 4.4 grams and comes inside a handy tube for EDC'ing your dental hygiene to work, school, date night, and anywhere your teeth might encounter: spinach; chips; corn on the cob; berries; apples; and BBQ ribs. Happy pickin'.

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