Bolt Integrated Titanium Toothpick

Posted: March 07, 2020
Bolt Integrated Titanium Toothpick
$15.99 - $16.99
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Ain't no chewed-up Cheetos or strands of pulled pork getting stuck in my molars with a bolt integrated titanium toothpick on the prowl. Oh, they might they've found an undetectable safe house, but they have no idea what's coming when I slide my thumb across that shiny metal button and start digging. No crevice, no crater left unsearched.

And if your teeth are preternaturally clean and clear? You can clip the bolt integrated titanium toothpick to your keychain and keep it on hand for fine tool and emergency use. Depressing those tiny embedded reset buttons on electronics. Digging some gunk out of the channels in your steering wheel. Using your junk mail to create a dot matrix, or some braille. Poking an attacker's eyes out....

The bolt integrated titanium toothpick comes in black, blue, and gray, as well as upgraded, thicker versions in black and gray.

If you are averse to bolt integration in your titanium toothpicks, you can opt for this screwtop titanium toothpick instead. Or if you want something harder than titanium to, uh, pick your teeth with, check out the Texas Toothpick.

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