French's Yellow Mustard Ice Cream

Posted: August 01, 2019

I'm all for a National Mustard Day (August 3) but a French's Yellow Mustard Ice Cream to celebrate it? Uh, no th-...well, OK. I'll try it.

I do love me some ice cream. And I've been known to add condiments to my burgers and dogs at a 1:1 ratio. So why not throw these two crazy kids together and see what kind of culinary delight / disaster comes of it?

Maybe you think I should add French's Mustard Ice Cream to my collection of things that make you go ewww, but until both of us take a few licks of it, I think I'll start out the frozen balls of yellow moo juice on my list of strange and unique products made in gold. And, indeed, French's Mustard Ice Cream (#MustCream for branding?) is a beaut in gold. Gold like the star whomever came up with it should get for the idea. Gold like the greatest of showers.

In addition to National Mustard Day, French's is also celebrating its 115th anniversary of yellow-mustard-making in 2019. They've partnered with Coolhaus Ice Cream out of LA to create their condiment-infused treat, and the ice cream will be part of a limited production run. You can get your scoops from an ice cream truck rolling through New York and the Hamptons, or from Coolhaus' Culver City, CA location, in the coming days.

Alternatively, you can freeze up your own French's Mustard Ice Cream using the video above, or the recipe French's has published on their website.

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