Koppers Martini Olive Chocolate Almonds

Posted: June 17, 2020
Koppers Martini Olive Chocolate Almonds
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Koppers called chocolate-covered almonds, pimento-stuffed olives, almond-stuffed olives, and pregnant women into a market research group to help them decide what the best flavor combination and psych-out optical illusion they could cook up would be and - tada! Martini olive chocolate almonds it is.

Sorry, pregnant women, chocolate-covered almond-stuffed olives was outvoted 4 to 1.

Koppers takes dry-roasted almonds and dips them in milk chocolate dyed green and red, and then layered to look like your favorite cocktail's favorite garnish. Not a martini fan? Not an olive fan? Puh. Well, gift for Dad then?

The Pimento Olive Almonds shown here come in a 6-ounce cylinder, and ship with ice packs and insulation so they don't show up as tapenade. Also, Koppers unironically notes their Pimento Olive Almonds do not taste like olives, which would be strange and obvious if it weren't for Yellow Mustard Ice Cream and Blue Cheese Lollipops.

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