Chocolate Megalodon Shark Teeth

Posted: March 18, 2015
Chocolate Megalodon Shark Teeth
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Why eat a chocolate bunny for Easter this year when you can eat...all the chocolate bunnies on earth with a massive chocolate megalodon shark tooth? Muahahaha! These edible and...wait for it...toothsome replicas are molded from the real chompers of the most fearful beast ever to haunt our oceans (yes, even scarier than you, Nessie). At up to 60' in length, the gargantuan sharks shed teeth reaching over 7" long. The fossils choco-paleontologists Fossilera used to shape their tasty teeth are around 4.8" long, and solidified with over 4 ounces of chocolate.

Each chocolate megalodon shark tooth has been handmade and individually packaged by Fossilera's favorite gourmet chocolate shop. Boxes also include a megalodon fact sheet so that kiddos know they're getting a fascinating piece of ancient history for this year's Easter treat, not just a standard chocolate rabbit that somehow melted into a triangular blob during shipment.

Megalodon teeth are available in:

  • Dark chocolate (54% cocoa) with white chocolate accents
  • Milk chocolate with white chocolate accents
  • White chocolate with milk chocolate accents
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