Nessie Ladle

Posted: January 21, 2015
Nessie Ladle
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She waits. She lurks. She stalks. And then suddenly, out of the depths of my 8-quart stock pot, Nessie emerges. Oh the terror! The foreboding doom! The...hey, what's the Loch Ness Monster got in tow there? Is that a ladle full of my mama's spicy chipotle beef and bean chili? Mmmmm, maybe Scottish lake monsters aren't so bad after all. This one even has cute little eyes and skin a very pleasing color of blue.

The Ototo Nessie soup ladle measures 10.43" long x 4.33" wide x 3.54" deep. Just the right size for soup dunking and dishing, with a side of geek gratification.

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