Chocolate Candy Bar Maker

Posted: September 14, 2017
Chocolate Candy Bar Maker
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Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, hide yo' husband! No one's getting their hands on the Chocolate Candy Bar Maker but me! Chocolate's loyal, and gluttonous, and selfish little whore slave. No, redact that redaction. Whore! This isn't a family website.

And like I said, I don't want the children finding out about the Chocolate Candy Bar Makers anyway. Buying them all up before I get my next paycheck....

Nostalgia's Chocolate Candy Bar Maker hits the scene just in time for homemade Halloween gifts that trick-or-treaters' mamas are going to throw right in the trash out of fear they contain razor blades or rat poison. The fondue-style food gadget has a heated base for melting your chocolate, plus 2 spouted melting pots for pouring different types of it into surrounding silicone bar molds.

The 4 molds sit on top of ice-filled containers that cool and reshape the molten chocolate into up to 8 bars and 8 nuggets at a time. Oh man I could go for a chocolate nugget right now. Nuggets chicken and weed would be welcome too.

The Chocolate Candy Bar Maker also comes with 4-section toppings trays and spoons for sprinkling, nutting, and Oreo cookie-ing up your chocolate bars before they harden.

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