Fondue Mugs

Posted: December 11, 2012
Fondue Mugs
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Forget dipping bread and fruit, I'm just going to melt and drink entire cups of Velveeta and Bacon Chocolate Bars with my Fondue Mug set. Geez, this is handy. Melting that stuff in the microwave makes it all lumpy and burnt in spots, the stovetop requires far too much attention and rotation of my wrist joint, and regular fondue pots are so big that when I go to bottoms them up, half the cheese/chocolate runs down the sides of my mouth and onto my Reindeer Threesome sweater. But a mug! With a swell nook for a smooth-meltin' tea light! All I have to do is drop in the goods and head back to the house for some stellar liquefaction action!

The set of 2 ceramic Fondue Mugs also includes 4 dipping forks for those who do like to skewer solids and go the dunk & douse route. Mugs measure 3" long x 5" wide x 4-3/4" high, and are both microwave (boooo!) and dishwasher safe.

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