Sock Him Stan Doorway Punching Bag

Posted: March 01, 2018
Sock Him Stan Doorway Punching Bag

The Sock Him Stan doorway punching bag gives aspiring boxers, MMA competitors, and people who just like to hit stuff 3 things neither the Boxaball nor the Aqua Training Bag can: 1) the flexibility of installation in any doorway, no screws or clips required; 2) a smirking face to jab right in the kisser; and 3) a very low probability of getting hit back.

The forthcoming Sock Him Stan punching bag is mounted to a pair of tensions bars that wedge between any 28" to 36" doorway. Stan stays in place in the center of the bars via 3 upper and 3 lower high-strength stretchable bands, which appear to be further reinforced with some sort of rubber or plastic composite. Information on the floating sparring partner (well, more like a target than a partner) is scarce, but packaging is complete, and Sock Him Stan appears to be on his way to getting punched the world over. Or at least to a crowdfunding campaign.

If you want to see what Stan does when you box his face, check out this video. (Hint: he doesn't flinch.)

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