Boxaball Boxing Speed Training Ball

Posted: December 07, 2017
Boxaball Boxing Speed Training Ball
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How to use the Boxaball to elevate your boxing skills? Easy. If you want to increase your speed and shorten your reaction time, all you gotta do is wrap the ball's adjustable headband around your head and "start punching the ball without letting it hit your face!"

How's that for incentive to improve? Learning to be a better boxer with Boxaball sounds kind of like learning to be a better tightrope walker without a net: "Just start walking without falling off!"

Boxaball says wearers can control that pace at which the ball flies at their heads with the force of their strikes. The goals are to establish a punching rhythm, and to hone your reflexes as the ball moves through unpredictable trajectories. And also not to get hit in the face.

Obviously, Boxaball takes pleasure in others' pain and humiliation, so they're marketing this training tool to beginners and non-boxers in addition to the pros. They say it's a terrific way to burn calories and get an intense workout from anywhere. Like your hotel room. Or the opthamologist's office. I wonder if Ralphie Parker's mom would have thought a BB gun was too dangerous if she'd seen a Boxaball first.

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