Python Power Twister Chest & Arm Builder

Posted: March 27, 2018
Python Power Twister Chest & Arm Builder
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Who cares if I'll ever use - uh, be able to us - the Python Power Twister, the most important thing is that I own a piece of fitness equipment called the Python Power Twister, and keep it on prominent display.

So what is it? From Core Prodigy, the Python Power Twister is a strength training device "powered" by a torsion spring. The thick central coil does bend, but only under your brute force - between 40 and 100 pounds of it, depending on how low or high you grip the rubber rod handles on the Python ends. You'll most commonly squeeze the tool in chest, shoulder, back, and arm reps, but for the true Arnolds out there, I recommend positioning the Python Power Twister between your cheeks and powering out a few butt clinches.

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