Flexing Arnold Rear Window Wiper Decal

Posted: May 24, 2017
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It may take the sun to bring your guns out, but Schwarzenegger's here to flex his bad boys come dumping rain, sideways sleet, or blizzard of snow. Courtesy of House of Grafix, you can plaster Arnold in His Prime across your car's rear windshield, installing the majority of his bulging Austrian muscle as a decal on the window's interior, but zip tying a hard plastic cutout of the forearm-to-fist segment onto your wiper outside. That way, when it rains, Arnold pours. It on.

In a drizzle he'll flex like the Mr. Universe showman he was in his 20s. Bend...extend...bend...extend. But when drizzle turns to downpour, watch Schwarzenegger go all out Terminator on the rain's ass with a full-speed crunchpunchcrunchpunchcrunchpunch.

Total Flexing Arnold decal width is 28". You can choose whether you want the flexing / wiper arm to be on the right or left.

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