PIVOT Bed - Convertible Bed & Home Gym

Posted: September 25, 2021
$3,114.10 - $4,475.16
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"Pivot" was one of 2020's most pervasive buzzwords. And while Colin and Patricia Montgomery began working on their convertible PIVOT Bed in 2019, and it's now obviously 2021, the transforming bed-to-home-gym still hits us at a time when pandemic pivoting is prevalent in our lives.

Or maybe you don't need to work out from home, you just prefer it. You don't like the vibe at the gym. You don't like taking the time to drive there. You went on a few dates with someone you met at the leg press machine, and then you ghosted them / they ghosted you, and now you don't want to risk an encounter. The PIVOT Bed is for you too!

Moreover, the PIVOT Bed is for people who have decided to train at home, but don't have the space, or want to sacrifice it, for a full home gym setup. The PIVOT Bed folds up Murphy-style when you want to exercise, revealing a bed frame underside outfitted with a full-width pull-up bar, dip bars, space for storing weights and equipment, and attachment points for PIVOT accessories like their power rack and folding, adjustable weight bench.

The PIVOT frame pivots - ah, a literal use of the word - on its base structure and locks into it when you push the bed upright. The base extends beyond the line of force you create while working out, allowing the structure to maintain stability and not fall over as you get after it. PIVOT notes the design does not require attachment to your wall or floor unless you also want to connect cables or something like a TRX system to it.

PIVOT Bed construction is almost entirely steel, with a few wood components, such as the mattress support panels. A mattress is not included with your PIVOT purchase, so you can still use the one you love, or buy one separately from PIVOT.

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