TRX Suspension Training Home Kit

Posted: April 14, 2015
TRX Suspension Training Home Kit
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The hardness of the muscles you'll build from using the Navy SEAL-developed TRX suspension training system is directly proportional to the hardness of actually using the TRX suspension training system. Though there are technically modifications available to beginners, they're kind of like Arnold in his prime telling you to make your pushups easier by using two hands instead of one. But if you're game for the grueling grunt work, The TRX Home Kit will teach you how to buff up using no more than your body weight and gravity, and without the hassle and potential humiliation of learning its ropes publicly at the gym.

TRX Home includes all equipment and how-tos needed to set up the suspension system either at home or on the go. Included workouts are relatively short - 15 to 30 minutes - focusing more on intensity than endurance. Included in the kit:

  • TRX Home Suspension Trainer: Lightweight straps and handles form the system's foundation. Read more about TRX as a fitness method here.
  • TRX Get Started Guide: Set up instructions and workout cards.
  • TRX Door Anchor: For setting up your TRX straps on any sturdy door.
  • TRX Suspension Anchor: For setting up your TRX Suspension Trainer outdoors, or anywhere.

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