MoonRun Indoor Aerobic Trainer

Posted: May 12, 2020

I hate running like Jordan hates the Pistons, but even I would be down for a MoonRun. MoonRun is a bungee- and resistance-band-based treadmill alternative for indoor runners that also happens to be completely portable, low-impact, and elastic-infused with opportunities to get some Jordanesque air under your feet. A little Kangoo Jumps meets the 1UP Gravity Pro.

MoonRun is the celestial brainchild of a physical therapist, who developed the system for cardio junkies who want to avoid the pounding on their knees and back that traditional outdoor and treadmill running cause. In addition to straight jogging and running, those who strap into a MoonRun can perform various plyometric exercises, plus use its handled resistance bands to incorporate more upper body into their workouts. MoonRun's small, TRX-comparable size make it even more appealing for people without a lot of home gym space.

According to its makers, "Even though it might initially look like running on the spot, in fact MoonRun is physically more like running outside because the force generated by the body is to push it forward [against the harness bar], just like running outside." The sensation, they say, feels even more natural when you use Moon Run with one of its compatible multimedia apps. These include Arcade Fitness, Zwist, and MoonRun's own virtual coaching program.

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