Jacob's Ladder Gronk Edition Step Machine

Posted: September 30, 2018
Jacob's Ladder Gronk Edition Step Machine
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I was surprised to learn that calling this Jacob's Ladder step machine the "Gronk Edition" doesn't mean Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski agreed to another paid endorsement deal. It means the entire Gronkowski family has teamed up with Jacob's Ladder, and not for a paid endorsement, but for a fitness collaboration. Apparently Gronk Fitness is the brand of a family that's been in the commercial and home gym equipment industry for almost 30 years.

What, you already knew? Well, beyond the NFL and A Gronking to Remember I'm afraid I just can't keep up with all the pies those Gronkowski boys have got their fingers in.

Aside from the Gronk seal of approval, the Jacob's Ladder has a lot going for it as a fitness machine. The 40-degree-angled, mountain-climbing position it puts you into during use demands full-body engagement at all times. If that sounds 2 rungs beyond torture to you, yeah, it probably is, but the Jacob's Ladder machine is also non-motorized. That means you control the pace and movement of its treadmill-style belt - when you pull and run fast, the ladder speeds up, and when you slow or stop, its response is the same, and instantaneous.

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