A Gronking to Remember

Posted: January 07, 2015
A Gronking to Remember
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A Gronking to Remember, or as the late mayor of Boston, Tom Menino would call it, A Gonking to Remember is the first! in the Rob Gronkowski erotica series. E L James move over. And for that matter, Twain, Hemingway, and Fitzgerald as well. Lacey Noonan has firmly cemented her place on the Mount Rushmore of great American authors with this tour de force.

Leaving the easy "tight end" innuendo for writers that pluck the lower hanging fruit, Noonan's seamlessly woven footballisms like the "Gronk Spike" make reading this rollicking sexual fantasy with one hand an afterthought. Rather, readers will find themselves so immersed in her poetic prose as our modern-caveman-cum-Patriot drives a spike between the lead lusting female Leigh and her husband that they'll be unable to use the delicate flick of their fingertips for anything more than turning pages.

A Gronking to Remember goes deep and scores on so many levels. Whether you're a Patriots fan, a lover of Noonan's past works, or just someone who really gets behind penetrating words, you're sure to come away from this read needing a long soak in a cold tub.

One can only hope for horizontal follow-ups in the series such as, Le'veon Rings My Bell, Menage a Trois with the Mannings, A Rodgering from Aaron, and Tony Gets Romosexual.

You'll have to read the book to see if Tom Brady shows up for one of his trademark Brady ass slaps.

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