ExoHinge Resistance Exoskeleton

Posted: July 21, 2020
$75 - $150
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"You lift, bro?" "Naw, dude, I ExoHinge." The ExoHinge resistance exoskeleton - a much cooler way of saying a wearable, hands-free piece of fitness equipment - is a minimalist solution for people who want to lift weights, or do some form of resistance training, but don't want to haul a host of dumbbells and hefty machines into their home gym.

The 2.5-pound ExoHinge consists of a pair of spring actuated steel arms and varying levels of adjustable resistance pucks that secure to your body at arm or leg joints via velcro straps. You can use the ExoHinge to replicate a number of strength building exercises normally done with a machine or free weights, including bicep curls, overhead presses, hamstring curls, squats, and deadlifts. Disconnecting the ExoHinge from your body allows for additional exercises, particularly Python Power Twister-style chest work.

ExoHinge resistance pucks come in Levels 1 to 4, each with a range resistance options. For example, you can set a Level 1 puck to provide between 5 and 25 pounds of feedback, while Level 4 spans from 30 to 160 pounds.

ExoHinge use is obviously suitable for fitness junkies without a lot of space, or who want to take their training with them wherever they go - need a gift for an athlete? - but the wearable system is also an interesting option for the elderly and those new to exercise who want to build strength and endurance in a simple, unintimidating, and low-impact way. ExoHinge use requires little space, and if you want to sneak in a few reps at your desk or while watching Warrior Nun on the couch after dinner, the resistance exoskeleton is happy to oblige.

The ExoHinge is available for backing here on Kickstarter through August 14, 2020.

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