A Christmas Story Monopoly

Posted: November 23, 2013
A Christmas Story Monopoly
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When you're finished Monopoly-izing zombies in the Walking Dead version, I triple dog dare you to get into the holiday spirit with A Christmas Story's take on the beloved board game. Who wants to have a BB gun-off for the Ralphie's cracked glasses playing piece?

A Christmas Story Monopoly isn't a new special edition of the game, but at this time of year--and given that 2013 is the movie's 30th anniversary--I think it rises to a status of most special special edition. Players represented by the Fragile crate, Ralphie in his bunny suit, the leg lamp, a bar of mouth-washing soap, Old Man's car, and the busted frames travel around the board buying up film favorite places and items, such as Chop Suey Palace, a bowling ball, and the frozen flag pole. Chance cards are now Triple Dog Dare cards, and Community Chest cards A Major Award.

A Christmas Story Monopoly Gameplay Suggestion: Augment the nostalgia and entertainment value, plus numb the pain of basically an entire month's worth of sanctimonious aunts and cousins under the age of 5 demanding piggy back rides and smartphone upgrades, with some Christmas Story shot glasses and a little Major Award drinking game. Every card drawn = a couple more downed ounces of spiked eggnog.

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