Zeltini Z-Triton House-boat-trike

Posted: June 01, 2020
Zeltini Z-Triton House-boat-trike

The Zeltini Z-Triton: coming soon to a road! A lake! A teeny-tiny plat of land near you!

Zeltini, a husband-and-wife (and family dog) design & prototyping workshop out of Latvia, calls the amphibious Z-Triton a "house-boat-trike," built so that neither land nor water will stop you on your journey to earn the Adult Achievement Sticker of Sportiest Dude in the Cul de Sac.

Well. Provided the land you're riding over is smooth and not too hilly, and as long as the water is calm.

The Z-Triton house-boat-trike is equipped with electric assistance (phew! right?) in the form of 2 x 250W motor hubs, plus an electric outboard engine. Its tricycle wheels include 2 at 20" and a front end bad boy at 36".

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