Adult Achievement Stickers

Posted: March 14, 2017
Adult Achievement Stickers
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Children receive stickers for achievements such as pooping in the pot, getting straight A's, and coming in last (but participating!) Why shouldn't adults get some comparable adhesive words of affirmation when they done good in their own grownup lives too? I mean, they're the ones paying for all the stickers anyway.

Adult Achievement Stickers acknowledge that "Adulting is hard," and give those who do it well (or just participate!) a little bit of deserved recognition. This set of 16 stick-on pats on the back contains 16 different adult accomplishments. No two stickers are alike. Because you're not like anyone else. You're special. How special? Well, you tell me: did you shave your legs, eat a salad, pay your bills on time, or not curse in front of the kids today?

Other Adult Achievement Stickers include:

  • "I evaded jury duty."
  • "I got reading glasses."
  • "I didn't eat all the cookies."
  • "I wore a bra today."
  • "I got life insurance."
  • "I only had one glass of wine last night."

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