Third Assist Vintage-Style Hockey Gloves

Posted: December 13, 2022
Third Assist Vintage-Style Hockey Gloves
$89 - $129
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Third Assist's vintage-style hockey gloves could eliminate fights in the sport. Because who's ever gonna wanna take these sweet throwback gloves off? I wouldn't. Even to punch some a-hole's teeth out.

Third Assist makes their hockey gloves specifically for pond hockey and outdoor rinks, but you can use them however you'd like, including, I believe, to: keep your hands warm; protect them from the shark's teeth growing inside the mouth of your new puppy; and prevent yourself from grabbing and chowing down on half the cookies your wife just baked for the dinner party she's hosting tonight.

Well. Wearing Third Assist hockey gloves will make you do the grabbing and chowing down a lot slower, anyway. Maybe they'll help you avoid indigestion. And also give your wife time to catch you, at which point you can use your Third Assist hockey gloves to shield your face when she goes to smack it.

Third Assist considers their Classique Gloves, shown above, their "best take on the modern pond hockey glove." They are vintage in aesthetic only, preserving the look while incorporating new tech and materials Third Assist says make them the warmest gloves in their line. The gloves' design is modeled after "a famous professional outdoor hockey game that takes place every New Year's day," but they're not called "Winter Classic Gloves" for legal reasons. The Harvest Tan and Forest Green colors match those worn by the Minnesota Wild at the 2022 Winter Classic.

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