Tail Devil Skateboard Spark Plate

Posted: December 06, 2023
Tail Devil Skateboard Spark Plate
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The Tail Devil Skateboard Spark Plate comes to your wheels straight from Hell. No, really. It's embossed right into the red plastic of the plate itself: "Made in Hell." And it might not even be a joke. A tool that leaves a trail of sparks in the wake of every wheelie you drag along the streets of quiet suburban neighborhoods with HOAs sounds exactly like the work of Satan.

Or something that comes from Michigan.

No, dudes, I'm not doggin' Michigan! I'm providing an alternative interpretation of the Tail Devil's "Made in Hell" designation. It could be made in Hell, MI. Or Hell, Grand Cayman. Hell, Norway. Hell Cave in Slovenia....

Or, fine, maybe it is a joke, and the Tail Devil isn't made in Hell at all. Maybe it's made in, like, Fresno, CA.

Which is close enough.

The Tail Devil attaches to skateboards in seconds via 3M mounting tape and, optional for a more secure hold, a pair of Philips head screws. In addition to tail scrapes on the ground, this Devil will spark along curbs, ledges, and pool coping. Try it at night to get even more attention / Karens' panties in a bunch.

Makers of the Tail Devil say it alone takes the impact of all your scrapes and sparks, and use won't damage or wear your skateboard's tail. They recommend the spark plate as a gift for kids, a gift for teens, and especially a gift for adult men "experiencing a midlife crisis."

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