Small Viking Axe Game - Darts Meets Axe-Throwing

Posted: June 06, 2021
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You could call the Small Viking Axe Game darts meets axe-throwing. You could also call the Small Viking Axe Game possible injury meets probable injury. Little puncture wound meets giant gash with major blood loss. Bad aim meets really good lawyer.

Not to be all Emo Football about it. The Small Viking Axe Game also looks 10/10 lit, possibly the best party game to have been invented since strip poker.

The miniature axe-throwing set is made by Swedish company Helsinge Design. The idea was born 10 years ago when English darts enthusiast Paul Alford moved to Sweden and got a job as a master axe smith at Gransfors Bruks. A few years later, Alford started his own smithing company with friend Dan Brock Petersen, and brought the Small Viking Axe Game idea to life.

The Small Viking Axe Game basic set includes 3 wee axes, a tree stump target with bullseye markings, 9 spare shafts and a tool for attaching the axe heads, a Hessian storage sack, and a manual instructing players on how to play the game safely. That is, injury-, gash-, and really-good-lawyer-free.

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