Posted: October 23, 2018
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HoopLight brings the arcade to the driveway with its sensor-activated LED strip that loops around any basketball hoop, illuminating the rim in up to 100 different patterns when you score. Pop-A-Shot, meet playground.

The HoopLight kit includes a battery-operated infrared sensor and micro-controller unit that install on the plate where the basketball rim screws into the backboard. The sensor detects when a ball passes through the hoop, cueing the 90 LEDs on the strip encircling the hoop to light up, in alternating sequences for a full spectacle of visual effects.

The HoopLight installs in a few minutes and, presuming you can reach the rim, can travel with you to the gym, park, or a buddy's place for use anywhere. Its micro-controller is enclosed in an IP67 enclosure, and the whole system is weather-resistant - to water, temperature, and UV rays. Battery power comes from 4 x AAs, which should last for about 5,000 HoopLight shots. Well, the ones you make anyway.

The HoopLight is a top Dude gift for a teen pick.

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