Glass Top Ping Pong Table

Posted: October 27, 2014
Glass Top Ping Pong Table

Oh good, I was hoping someone would come up with a way for me to enjoy the excitement of a ping pong match from below. TravisMathew has developed this Glass Top Ping Pong table as a custom, made-to-order in the OC, price unspecified element of even better good times in the game room. Who doesn't love transparency? And the thought of the drunkest dude at the party tripping down the steps and smashing into a 300-pound sheet of glass polished for fast but consistent play?

Anyone in the Newport Beach area who wants to test out a few rounds on the Glass Top Ping Pong table before committing it to his mancave can take in its 1/8" wall structural steel frame, milled joints, and auto quality paint job in person at Fashion Island.

And for those wondering if it's possible to play all of their favorite sports on glass, check out the possibilities that lie in GlassFloor LED-lit sports courts.

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