National Geographic 200-Foot Rocket Launcher

Posted: August 28, 2022
National Geographic 200-Foot Rocket Launcher
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Perhaps I should clarify. The National Geographic 200-Foot Rocket Launcher does not stand 200 feet tall. It shoots its 1-foot-tall Power Rocket up to 200 feet in the air. But you knew that, right? If not, and you're in the market for a giant rocket gift for your kids, head over to the Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler page.

National Geographic isn't stomping around with their Power Rocket. Meaning, this straight-up soarer achieves its heights with a rechargeable electric motor, good for up to 20 launches on a single charge - it's no simple stomp rocket. In addition the launcher has 3 different height settings, and ignites takeoff with the push of a button. The rocket is fitted with helicopter-style rotor blades that spin to return it safely from sky to ground. Power Rocket kits also come with 3 decals for rocket customization.

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