Air Fort - 30-Second Inflatable Tent

Posted: July 12, 2017
Air Fort - 30-Second Inflatable Tent
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The Air Fort, in addition to creating a private place for me to hide sleep when my future in-laws visit and take over my bedroom next month, gives me an excuse to haul out my old college box fan. The one She-Ra: Princess of Power told me to throw away when we got a Vornado, but I just stuffed it in our storage unit instead. Velcroed to its open end, a standard box fan can take the Air Fort from a limp polyester sheath to a spacious, igloo-shaped indoor tent in 30 seconds or less.

The Air Fort fits several kids - or cozy adults - who enter and exit along its bottom perimeter. The fact the tent has no floor makes that part a little easier. There is also a viewing window on the side of the Air Fort so parents can see when Child #1 has Child #2 in a headlock, and Child #1 can see when parents walk into the room to release Child #2 real quick and warn him to keep his stinkin' mouth shut about it.

A mesh divider at the Air Fort tunnel separates kiddie fingers from box fan blades.

Pretty ponies and princesses can also grab an inflatable Air Fort in pink here.

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