Vornado Super Fan

Posted: September 12, 2013
Vornado Super Fan
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I don't know why Vornado needs four words--Whole Room Air Circulator--to describe what I can sum up in two: Super Fan. Truly. I've had many occasions on which to use one of these compact wind makers, namely any time my friend Cornelius enters my house and takes his shoes off or eats dairy, and I can say that, of this super fan, I am a definitely a super fan. Countless times has it allowed me to breathe without gagging on the air I'm inhaling and, to boot, Vader has nothing on the voices that pour forth from my throat with the Vornado as my backup.

Vornado's pictured mid-size 600 model sucks and blows air up to 100 feet, circulating a room's contents to an even, comfortable temperature and, when placed next to me, pumping the odiferous assaults that are Cornelius' farts and B.O. back into his face.

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