Slip, Sip & Flip - Flip Cup Meets the Waterslide

Posted: March 20, 2022
Slip, Sip & Flip - Flip Cup Meets the Waterslide
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You don't need to buy a set of Slip, Sip & Flip to play a version of flip cup meets the waterslide. Not as long as you have an old Slip 'N' Slide - or, better, Super Slide - stuffed in the garage, and a folding table with some red cups on hand. Really, Slip, Sip & Flip isn't so much a great product for conducting summer fun as it is a great idea for how you can make your own. One that's just been shared with you by me. For free. You're welcome, dudes.

The one thing Slip, Sip & Flip does bring to the flip cup table is a double-wide waterslide. The 26' long belly ride is divided into two sides so players on competing teams can race down it to get to the Red Solo-lined table, drink their Coors Banquet, and be the first to flip their cup. Slip, Sip & Flip recommends setting up the table and beers on top of it 15' away from the end of the waterslide to preclude Slip 'N' Overshooting and slide dismount takeouts.

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