World of Watersports Super Slide

Posted: June 13, 2020
World of Watersports Super Slide
$239.99 - $279.98
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If I get the World of Watersports Super Slide, will you provide the backyard? At 25' long, this heat-beating piece of aquatic fun is big enough to accommodate 4 sliders practicing appropriate 6' social distancing at a time. I mean, presuming they time their PVC belly dives perfectly, and are traveling at the same velocity, which is actually more good news.

It means you can make your kids do some math and physics in exchange for letting them go play on the Super Slide!

WOW Super Slides, like the OG Slip 'N Slide, hook up to a standard garden hose. However, these new and improved versions shoot their sprinklers of H2O in a zig-zag spray pattern for better slide coverage. The material is also super-slick embossed PVC so you won't have to squirt Dawn up and down it to remove friction. Unless you want to.

Super Slides are also made for attachment to other Super Slides. You can connect as many as you want to any other WOW giant slides. The Joneses have the 75' Wahii? Don't just keep up, one up them with a WOW 100.

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