Vintage Wham-O Slip 'N Slide

Posted: July 04, 2019
Vintage Wham-O Slip 'N Slide

Sli - ip, Slip 'n Slide! Ah, the nostalgia rushes through my blood like the hose water did up my nose as I belly flopped down the plastic lane of a Slip 'n Slide during summer weekends at my grandma's house. To be clear, this was still 20+ years after Wham-O's original Slip 'n Slide debuted. Can you believe backyard fun in the form of a frictionless water sheet has been around since 1961?

Check out the original Wham-O Slip 'n Slide commercial in the gallery above if you need more convincing.

Obviously, the Slip 'n Slide has undergone many design upgrades over the years, as well as enticed some competition in the garden hose-driven kids' entertainment category, but what you see here is the original, vintage version of the backyard waterslide. It's unclear to me whether or not seller Schylling has simply gotten copies made of the yellow plastic sheets and 60s-era boxes, or if they actually dug up a bunch of leftovers in a warehouse somewhere.

Either way, I wouldn't recommend actually buying a vintage Slip 'n Slide, on account of the fact you have so many options for better products today - for example, this 75'-long waterslide - but 58 years later, it's still fun to reminisce.

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