The Official DC Comics Super Hero Cookbook

Posted: March 23, 2014
The Official DC Comics Super Hero Cookbook
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Well I know I would like a Batman mini pizza and some Martian Manhunter cupcakes for lunch today. And The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook says it is suitable for use by people ages 6 and up, so even if my mama refuses to make them for me I might be able to cobble together some semblance of a blue corn tortilla mask and red fondant X's all by myself.

Mama! I'd really prefer that you spearhead this task though!

A full-color hardcover as visually exciting as the comics themselves, The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook is filled with 50+ recipes designed to make kids learn how to make the unhealthy crap they insist on eating. No joke there. This is not a cookbook of vegetables and lean protein made fun and easy. It's one of simple carbs, refined sugars, and boxes of processed mixes and crusts made fun and easy! Slices of American cheese in the shape of the Superman logo! Orange sodie and Swedish Fish in an Aquaman ice cream float! Yum!

DC's official super hero cooking companion has recipes inspired by comic book characters ranging from Superman and Batman to Green Lantern, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. Sample recipes include Green Arrow Fruit Kebobs, Holy Guacamole, and Up, Up, and Away Yogurt Parfait. Hero symbol stencils and character cut-outs are also included for dish styling.

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