Where's Bob?: A Happy Little Seek-and-Find

Posted: April 12, 2023
Where's Bob?: A Happy Little Seek-and-Find
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Where's Bob?: A Happy Little Seek-and-Find should be called Where's Bob?: Another Happy Little Way for People to Make Money Off Bob Ross.

Presumably his estate / family is getting a cut, but still. Between the Bob Ross Talking Clapper, Bob Ross Bandages, Bob Ross Happy Little Tree Mints, and Bob Ross Cereal, even The Joy of Painting starts to diminish when you go overboard with the saturation.

And speaking of saturation, the Where's Waldo? celebrity seek-and-find theme has hit it too, methinks.

Where's Bob? contains 15 full-color scenes illustrated either in the likeness of the artist's paintings, or based on places from his life - so, everything from a riverbank to a TV studio. In addition to Bob Ross himself, the scenes are packed with hidden Easter Eggs, such as Peapod the Squirrel, Bob's paint palette, and his paintbrush.

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