Bob Ross Bandages

Posted: January 13, 2020
Bob Ross Bandages
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Of all the pieces of Bob Ross merch out there, Bob Ross Bandages are one of the few that actually make sense. They're right up there with the Bob Ross Chia Pet because, as the boo-boo covers state with pride: in injuries, as in painting, there are "no mistakes, just happy accidents."

Like that love cut you got on your arm carrying the new seizure flower-printed armchair your wife ordered through 4 narrow doorways and up the stairs.

The best dad ever scrape on your leg courtesy of street soccer with the kids.

The gettin' laid tonight clean slice of your pointer finger sustained during an attempt to cook dinner at your place on a third date.

And for those injuries you don't consider happy little accidents? Well, you'll probably need first aid items and treatments that exceed Bob Ross Bandages' abilities anyway.

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