Toilet Paper Origami

Posted: June 19, 2021
Toilet Paper Origami
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Where was Toilet Paper Origami hiding when I was compiling my list of 16 products to help you host a better dinner party? Rose-folded t.p. in the shitter?! That would have been #1!

The full title of Toilet Paper Origami is Toilet Paper Origami: Delight your Guests with Fancy Folds & Simple Surface Embellishments, and were I a guest at a home offering me up a bunny or a butterfly to wipe my butt with, a delighted guest I would be. Author Linda Wright also points out her toilet paper transformation techniques could be added to the employee training manuals of hotels, B&Bs, cruise ships, and housekeeping agencies. And, yeah, I'd dig an encounter with a Charmin boat or Cottonelle whale in any of those settings too.

Dudes out there wanting to impress their lady and add a little twinkle to her tinkle can use Toilet Paper Origami to learn how to craft a "vase" that holds some pot pourri flowers too.

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