The Camp & Cabin Cookbook

Posted: May 09, 2018
The Camp & Cabin Cookbook
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The Camp & Cabin Cookbook knows there's a reason someone invented the word "glamping" and didn't get kicked off the planet. Or even out of the tent. Sure, roughing it with nothing more than a 20-pound pack and your 2 legs is hardcore and worthy of an Official Badass badge. It also awards you many braggin' rights and opportunities to "casually mention" how you spent a week sleeping in a 13-ounce hammock amidst the trees and bears, eating nothing but freeze dried chili mac with beef. "Wowee!" people will say. As they think to themselves, I'm sure as sho' nuff glad that wasn't me.

Now, add a Lotus Belle tent, some thousand-thread-count sheets, a mule to haul my stuff, and some Campfire Crepes with Fresh Fruit & Mascarpone Cream, to that week out in the wild, and I'm in.

That's a long way of saying Laura Bashar wrote The Camp & Cabin Cookbook for people like me. Of course, she says the gourmet recipe reservoir is for everyone hitting the trail - or the cabin, or the lake house - since her goal is to show you how to remove yourself from modern amenities without sacrificing great food. Along with the scrumptious-looking dishes in her photos, and directions on how to make them, Bashar includes supply lists and suggestions for prep work you can do before leaving home, plus instructions for cooking outdoors or indoors with only basic tools.

But come on. Dutch Oven Lasagna? Carne Asada Street Tacos? Spinach Feta Quiche in Portobello Shells? The Camp & Cabin Cookbook isn't for backpackers and off-gridders. It's for glampers. And that's fine with me.

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