Ranch Dressing Fountain

Posted: November 09, 2017
Ranch Dressing Fountain
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Hidden Valley began pouring on the Ranch dressing in fountain form last March, but I think it's much better suited for Thanksgiving, and the holiday season as a whole. What better gift for your party guests than an 18", 360-degree, tiered waterfall of creamy American Hidden Valley Ranch to stream over their raw veggies, chicken wings, meatballs, stuffing bites, and - oh yeah - Cool Ranch Doritos?

What better? I'll tell you: the year's supply of Hidden Valley Ranch that comes with the fountain.

The fountain ships in 4 tiers that stack to assemble and, in honor of the season, also includes a festive skirt to cover the base. I'm no fan of snow, but if it's a cascading curtain of Ranch dressing we're talking about, then cue Bing Crosby. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas too.

Note: If you're wondering why you can't just buy a chocolate fountain and put some Ranch dressing in it to make a Ranch dressing fountain, the reason is...I don't know. You probably can.

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