F*ck That's Hot! Cookbook

Posted: October 06, 2020
F*ck That's Hot! Cookbook
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If you can't stand the heat, get out of the...F*ck That's Hot! cookbook. Author Billy Law's 60 Recipes to Up the Heat in the Kitchen are all about bringing the fire of chili peppers to your food, and to your mouth. In other words, this is a collection of "spicy recipes that will blow your f*cking head right off."

If you're a glutton for the punishment of spicy food, if you've seen every episode of Hot Ones, if you've gone so far as to host your own DIY hot sauce challenge, then F*ck That's Hot! is right up your alley. And down your throat. And all over your tongue and lips. The cookbook's recipes are designed specifically to elicit sweat, snot, and tears with worldly dishes ranging from Korean Fire Noodles and Shit-Hot Shakshuka to down-home comforts such as Nashville Hot Chicken and Spicy Gumbo.

F*ck That's Hot! takes a few pages at the start of the cookbook to introduce you to the various chiles / chilis you'll be doing the taste bud tango with, and then presents its recipes in 3 sections of increasing heat: Feeling the Heat: F*ck That's Hot; and Meltdown!

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